Different Crystals and their Colors

All You Need To Know About Healing Crystal (With Step by Step Guide)

 ic:Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash
Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

Crystal are like a touchstone both literally and figuratively. It's a way that helps you connect your purpose as you grow or starting a new stage in life.

New health trends like using crystals as a form of self-care have exploded in popularity, with crystals popping up all over Instagram, on the shelves of yoga studios, and possibly even on your coworker's desk. 

Celebrities like Adele and Victoria Beckham wear crystals that are thought to help them deal with performance anxiety and boost their strength and clarity, while others are thought to help them grow spiritually.

Behind crystals hidden meaning

To use the energy of crystals, you don't need to be an expert in crystals. But after you read this article, you'll be on your way to becoming a pro in the game.

You'll learn a simple way to figure out what kind of crystal you have or even start your own crystal collection.

We'll also show you some tips on how to take care of your shiny new geodes when you get them.

Step 1: How to pick your crystal?

One of the easy ways is to match your crystals with their current intention and purpose. For example, maybe you want to improve your relationship with your family Rose Quartz are a great choice.

Another great way if you're starting your journey exploring, let your instincts decide what's best for you from there. Your inner subconscious will guide you to the crystal that is suited for you, whether it catches your eye or you sense a physical pull toward it.

Once it’s picked out, you can create the connection you need.

Step 2: How to use your crystals

Crystals are used in many different ways. Some, like as rose quartz, make lovely accent items in your house and help to create a caring environment.

  1. Crystals can also be worn as necklaces or other types of jewelry—and with colors ranging from clear to black to pink, you're sure to find a match for your mood and style.

  2. Others have calming properties when carried with you, and there are some you'll want to hold. Place them in key locations throughout your home, under your pillow, or in your pocket for on-the-go healing.

  3. Some channel their energy for their mental health while meditating or practicing deep breathing.

Keep reading to figure out which kind of crystal would be best for you:

Agate Aquamarine Amethyst
Self Acceptance, Harmony, Calming, Centering Calming, Introspection, Luck Stress Reduction and Mood Regulation
Citrine Clear Quartz Black Onyx
Wealth and Prosperity, Confidence, Calms Digestions Clarity, Concentration, Memory, Energy Balance Protection, Strength, Focus, and Willpower
Green Aventurine Red Jasper Moonstone
Optimism, Release Old Habits, Positive Change Love, Trust, Forgiveness, Supports Circulation Communication, Calms Stomach, Protected travel


Step 3: How to take care of your crystals

Before you first bring your crystal home, experts say you’ll want to cleanse away any negativity it may have picked up. The following steps will help crystals restore their power and vitality.

Depending on the kind of stone, you can:

  1. Cleanse with the aura cleanser stone - Selenite. Lay your crystal around the stone or simply wave the selenite wand around your crystals.

  2. Give them a salt bath. Place your collection in a bowl of Himalayan salt water for 48 hours to rid the crystals of their stored energy.

  3. Pay close attention to the lunar calendar. Because during new moons and full moons, you can “charge” your crystals by placing them in the window by exposing them to the moonlight.

  4. If you want to go the extra mile, you can place them in a singing bowl. The acoustic vibrations will get rid of any negative vibes.


Whether you're getting a crystal for its beauty or for healing, what's important is what you want to do with it.

All crystals can help you on your way to better well-being if you use them with intention. A rose quartz crystal, for example, might help you bring romance into your life or help you speak up more at work.

The best way is to think of your crystal as a touchstone — both literally and figuratively—that can help you remember your purpose as you grow or starting a new stage in life.

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